New work and lots of it!

17 Oct

Hello all. I’ve been very busy settling into my new studio by creating several new works both on canvas and, on wood panels. This past weekend, Oct. 13-14, I took part in the Fall 2018 Brewery Artwalk by completing and, exhibiting 33 paintings. During this coming week I will be updating my site by uploading most, if not all of the new pieces I’ve created over the past few months. Much of my progress, process and, finished pieces were posted to my Instagram as I was working on them. Have a look and shoot me a follow if you aren’t already.

IMG_0715 Shall It Be Real, 2018


Stay tuned. Lots more to come. As always, much love!




12 Oct

Hello friends, family and, loved ones! I am happy to announce that I will be showing in this Fall’s 2018 Brewery Artwalk taking place October 13-14! It’s a great event to attend and take in all that The Brewery and, it’s residents have to offer. There are many great artists, photographers, clothing designers and, much much more! I will have 31 paintings ranging from 8″X10″ canvas to 24″X24″ on panal on exhibition and for sale at special Artwalk prices so, I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible. As always, much love!



Nebula Series

1 Oct

With this recent body of work I drew inspiration from a variety of  images of beautiful nebulas that loom deep within and out of our universe. As with most of the art I create and, more so in these new pieces, I wanted to bring forth the vivid and intense color spectrums that we see in these far off galaxies. Though my work is entirely open to interpretation, this collection of paintings is the result of being truly inspired by all that we can or cannot see with our own eyes yet, know exists either billions of light years away or right within our whole being.

For these works I decided to complete them by making custom frames, stained in a gorgeous walnut color.

All my best and, much love.














New Work on Exhibition

30 Sep

Hello all. I just got finished installing some new work at The Collection in Downtown Los Angeles. This is a great opportunity for me in that it is quite different from a typical gallery exhibition. When first approached by Radix Collective about utilizing the space in the lobby to show some of my artwork I accepted with the idea that I could use some older work that has yet to have been shown publicly. That changed rather quickly by my decision to create all new work to accomodate the cases in which my art would be presented. I quickly got to work so as to harnessing that excitement I felt for being offered such an amazing location and space to exhibit these new paintings.




Photo by Nicole Jordan

If you happen to find yourself in Downtown swing by and have a look at these new pieces. The Collection Building is located at 527 W 7th St. Los Angeles, Ca.

Stay tuned for another post coming soon, complete with pics of the new work and blurb about this series of paintings. All my best!

New Work On It’s Way.

27 Sep

Stay tuned for new work that I’ll be posting soon. These will be new works on paper and canvas. Here a couple of pieces to pique your interest. Enjoy!






Busy busy busy

27 Sep

Hello all. I’ve been busy working on some new pieces which will soon be on display in downtown, Los Angeles. In addition to that work has pick up quite a bit which has given me the opportunity to work on some really fun projects. As you may or may not know I work as a freelance art director for TV and film. There is a good chance you’ve seen one if not many of the things I’ve worked on, some of which feature the artwork I do.


Stay tuned for updates and new works. As always, all my best and much love.

Sales and Art Inquiries

23 Aug

Hello all. Thought I’d let you all know that I have many works for sale in addition to being available for commission work. Have a look at the work I do and, if you see something you like please feel free to contact me for further sales info.


A lot of my work and progress pictures of those works can be viewed on my Instagram page

Name your own price contest.

8 Apr


During the Summer of 2015 I decided to hold a contest where by my audience would be allowed to name their own price on particular works of art I chose to offer. The purpose of these contests was to be able to get some of my art out and into the world and into the hands of my audience. This was also a way for me to be able to show some gratitude for all the love and support I have received over the years. I selected two pieces that were on exhibition in 2014, both of which were complete with frames I had personally crafted to suit each painting. It gave me great pleasure to do so as the response was truly amazing in that the winners were able to acquire original artwork that spoke to them at a cost determined entirely of their own choosing.

All I can say is that it felt great to do something like this and know that by making this opportunity available to you, my audience, I am left with a very humble feeling of overwhelming joy. I hope to do this again soon and continue to spread that same love and support shown to me by each and every one of you. Stay tuned for more announcements. Many thanks and, as always, all my best.

More artwork added.

6 Apr

Hello all. I have been adding loads of artwork over the past few days that I have created over the past couple of years. These include some smaller works done in 2015, figurative and portraiture works and, a few older pieces from exhibitions done between 2011-2014. It has been a fun process going through the vast collection of paintings I have done and selecting those that I am so eager to share with you. Thanks for your continued support. As always, all my best.

Some of my art in a Credit Karma commecial.

5 Apr

As some of you may know in addition to being an artist I have also been working as an art director for TV and film for the past 5 years. This allows me the opportunity to use my paintings as set decoration for certain projects as they best fit. Recently a piece I painted in 20011 titled, Evisceration, was featured in a Credit Karma commercial. This is very big news for me as it has allowed me to extend my reach to a nationally televised audience. I am very excited about this and am equally as please with the amount of visibility my art has received for this spot. Have a look.


Shot of the monitor on set