Manifold of Partially Actualized Realities Series. 2012


This body of work came about in 2012 after some success I’d had with other pieces in a similar fashion and style. The title for this series is an excerpt from a speech given by Author PKD in 1977, at the METZ Sci-fi Convention held in France. Coincidentally, this was the year of my birth. The titles for each of these pieces are a type of code consisting of letters and numbers as of that one may use to indicate coordinates on a map. I chose to do this as a way of proposing that these paintings are and/or could be a charted, located and, actually exist some where, some time unbeknownst to anyone but myself; I have created them and therefore know that it is entirely plausible. This also is a testament to the term I’ve used to describe most of my work: Creative Non-fiction.


From a more technical and artistic standpoint these are color studies in a monochromatic sense while touching on the complimentary aspects of the colors chosen as well. All three pieces follow the specifications listed below…


Size: 24″x 24″

Medium: Gesso, acrylic and spray paint, clear epoxy resin twice coated on 1/2″ plywood

Appearance:Unframed with floating mount sitting 3/4″ out from the wall

Price: Available unless otherwise indicated. Please contact me for pricing




(Private Collection)







On Exhibition 07/13/2012

Echo Park/Los Angeles 

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This series of work was on exhibition for a one night only event held in Echo Park, Los Angeles, July 13, 2012.

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