New Demo release from, ‘It’s Just Information’

18 Jan

A small story….

It was in 1993 when I got my first electric bass guitar. There had usually been an old, out of tune guitar or piano to be played in the days of my youth though, it wasn’t until ’93 that I began to take music on with a bit more seriousness. This was mine, this lovely bass guitar I’d been so desiring and now had: the challenge was set. I now had an easier, more tangible way to get those yearning to play music out and in the open and to learn along the way. Long story short, I still have that bass, have learned quite a bit, taught myself much more and, have been creating music with as much intensity as that still ever burning pulse to do so began.


My latest music project, It’s Just Information, has been a way for me to get back to writing and recording music by taking an organic approach through building up layers from a single idea into a sometimes transcendent state of near explosiveness and raw emotion. Most of these song are comprised of/from guitar or piano parts I’d written close to ten years ago. That they have finally made their way to the surface, ready to be nurtured and strengthened so that I may now share them is a great feeling.


So now, 22 years after this journey had it’s real beginning, I offer for your consideration my latest body of songs. Please Enjoy.

Songs to (.....) to, Who Are You? EP, Demo version. 1-17-15

“Songs to (…..) to, Who Are You?” EP, Demo version.


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