What I’ve been up to…

4 Apr

The past year I’ve been working on a scale much smaller than my preferred size, that of previous pieces. This is simply due to the fact that I am currently without a studio that allows me to paint as large as I once had. These new paintings fall within the 5″x7″-8″x10″ range which at times proves to be quite a welcoming challenge. I have managed to produce paintings slightly larger while sticking to the scope of techniques applied to that of smaller works. All this means is that I have had to switch gears a bit and set aside some of the materials and paints I have become accustom to using throughout the past several years. I will admit that it has been slightly frustrating, challenging and, tough to acclimate to this new, confining way of creating. Having said that, I think I still have managed to pull off some rather interesting works of art that I might not have been able to create had the situation been different; I look at this as a good thing and something to learn from.

Smaller works 2015

Smaller works, 2015

I will be posting and possibly reformatting my site so as to make it easier for you, my audience, to navigate and, more impotently understand the process’ in which I apply to get from one work to the next. Please enjoy and stay tuned for more art, posts and, positive energy. Thank you all so much! All my best.



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