Drew Wootten has been creating various works of art for 20 years now. From sculptures, graffiti and street art, wood work and painting with a variety of mediums, Wootten is constantly challenging himself and exploring different art forms. With his love for color he feels his creations are an inherent way for his soul to live. His latest works of bold and beautiful color arrangements painted upon wood panels, truly jump out at you. With each acrylic stroke and shake of the can, Wootten’s art radiates an intense emotion that transcends more than just a dark or joyous moment. His abstract work always reveals a new story with every new glance. Fans that have purchased Wootten’s work are intrigued by its ambiguity, eccentricity, brilliant use of color and the fact that they see something different in his painting each time they stare at it: it’s mind bending, gorgeous and frightening all at the same extraordinary moment.

Click here to see some of Drew Wootten’s art work.


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