New song by The Yours Revue

25 Jun

Hello friends. I know it has been quite a while since I’ve updated my site here so please accept my apologies for that. On a lighter note, I have been quite busy with many projects including a couple of new exhibitions coming up and the production of my music. Here is the newest song from a collection of tunes that I have been occupying my time with. Please enjoy while I get ready to continue updating recent art work and possibly some more music by The Yours Revue. Be well and stay tuned for more info!

TYR Turn of the Storm Cover

Original artwork by Drew Wootten for The Yours Revue © 2013

A thought for the day

27 Mar

While paining today I had a thought, or rather a recollection  that was brought on by the way I had approached this particular piece. That thought was along the lines of how I wouldn’t mind kinda maybe teaching art. Painting to be specific. This is not a new thought. It is one of the main reasons I went to college and studied the art of painting: to teach it. Long story short, I have yet to finish up the proper schooling in order to attain such said credentials if you will. At any rate it was the approach I was taking, one of the first lessons I received, that made me think of this. I’d still like to do that.

Here is what I did. It is still a work in progress. Enjoy.


Lucidity Festival 2013

21 Mar

Greetings all! I hope you are well. I am please to announce my participation in a new painting exhibition at this year’s Lucidity Festival: The Totems’ Return. This 2nd annual event taking place next month will feature the works of many talented artists, a host of great bands, musicians and DJ acts. There will be live painting and interactive workshops open for your enjoyment. I may or may not be doing some live painting. We shall see. Hope to see you there, friends.


The Yours Revue Electro Mixxx

19 Mar

Sample teaser of the newest electro tracks from The Yours Revue. Electro EP A and B in the works. Stay tuned.


New song by The Yours Revue, Sleight Shift In Gears.

11 Mar

IMG_1335As you may or may not know I do music as well as paint. My music project is called The Yours Revue and it’s mostly instrumental electronic and beats with a mix of live guitars and bass. This is a project that I have been working on for several years. Here is the newest selection of sounds I’ve put together titled ‘Sleight Shift In Gears’. See if you can spot my influences on this one. Enjoy.

Follow me on Instagram

11 Mar

Hey there friends, new and old. As you may know I have been doing a lot of posting on my instagram lately and less here on my site. If you are new to my site and are seeing this post this is your chance to follow me on IG, @drewtheyours. There you will be able to see some close-ups and full pics of my most recent projects whether it be painting, photography, building things with wood, my photograph manipulation series (#photographmanipulation) and my music project, The Yours Revue.


I promise there are not a gazillion pictures of cats or selfies or margaritas and certainly not my nails. Maybe a couple but it’s mostly about the art and all the different things I create. Have a look, give me a follow and let me know what you think. Thanks.

This Just In! New Show: “PROVOCATIONS” for RAWartists, Hollywood, Oct 25th

8 Oct

Hey, guys ‘n gals — big news! I’ve got another show coming up later this month at The Key Club in Hollywood, CA. I’m excited to say that I’ll be showcasing a selection from my newest body of work as a featured artist for RAWartists’ event, PROVOCATIONS. Some of this work you may have seen sneak previews of via my instagram and/or twitter, as I have been letting out little peeks here and there. I take great pleasure in being able to share with you these particular pieces and I look forward to being able to experience them with you in person.

PROVOCATIONS will feature the best of local, up and coming artists from all facets of the arts and entertainment industries: painting, drawing, photography, film, hair and make up stylists, music and more. RAW throws events like this nation-wide in order to endorse and help promote networking amongst creative individuals in all the different fields we work in and find our passion in exploring. I truly hope to see you there!


I Won Montana x 33Third’s #60SprayCanGiveaway !!!

8 Oct

In August, 2012, the online graffiti and art supply store, recently awarded  “Best store for street artists” by LA Weekly — hosted a twitter contest where 60 cans of Montana spray paint would be given away to one lucky winner, chosen at random. The rules were simple: add the #60SprayCanGiveaway to your tweets, purchase Montana products from their online store, and join 33’s mailing list. Simple enough, right? Well, today I received the news that I won! This is such an amazing contest to win given the fact that I use spray paint, in addition to many other types of paint, to create the art you see here on my site. It’s also a great help as we all know that painting and art supplies don’t come cheap.

I am completely overjoyed to have won this contest. Many thanks and much respect to 33Third and Montana for their support and continued encouragement of not just me and my art but of all the artists out there that strive to perfect their craft in all areas. Thanks 33 for really taking care of all us local artists.


19 Jun

I am pleased to officially announce that I will once again be participating in this year’s annual Sea No Evil Art Show, taking place Saturday June 30th at the Riverside Municipal Auditorium. Last year’s event was such an amazing success for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and was also huge achievement for myself; the two original pieces of artwork I donated to SNE 2011 both sold. This year I will be donating one new piece that is a part of my most recent body of work.

It is truly an honor  to be a part of such a great cause. I am so happy and grateful to be donating to this wonderful show again and to be able to show alongside some really great artists and friends. Please come out and show your support while checking out and, hopefully buying, some great art. All art will be auctioned off with the proceeds going towards keeping our oceans and all that dwells therein safe. See you there!


17 May

I’m currently in New York looking at some galleries to get my work into later this year. Feel free to pass along any of your favorite spots that you think would be a good fit for my work. Now, off to put in some foot work! Also, stay tuned for new photography and progress updates via twitter. Have a great day!