March Exhibition at The Happening Gallery.

29 Feb

          (Click on image for larger view.)

I will be exhibiting two brand new works for this show taking place at The Happening Gallery in Marina del Rey.

Photographs I’ve Taken.

11 Jan

Hello all. Just added a new section to my site for my photos, aptly titled Photography. I will be updating this new page  periodically with images captured by yours truly. Enjoy this new creative aspect of my site.


I’m Back and Back To The Grind It Is.

4 Aug

After my recent solo opening and exhibition in the Sea No Evil Art Show in June I decided it was necessary for some time off. The great success from both of these events left me on a high note to which I am still riding. I am very pleased, to say the least, that both pieces I had donated to the SNE show sold and I was able to help raise funds for the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. I will soon be adding photos and more info on my pieces in my Bio section from both of these events. Please stay tuned.

Like I said, I was ready for a serious vacation after being so busy with these amazing back to back exhibits. I had recently found out that one of my all time favorite hip hop groups, Company Flow, had reunited and were doing a show at the All Tomorrows Parties fest in London. There was no way I was going to miss that! So off to London it was. I was also determined, and then so enabled to get to the Tate Britain to see some works by an artist that has given me much inspiration in my own creative process, J.M.W. Turner. A few days after that, while still in London I discovered that another one of my favorite acts, Antipop Consortium, was playing a show in Brixton! The universe had truly rewarded and blessed me yet again. The next day was spent traveling to Amsterdam to meet up with some good friends for some relaxation and mild mayhem. After a few days of wandering about the beautiful cobbled streets lined with canals and awesome house boats it was time to head to Paris for a couple days and then back home. It was a great two week vacation filled with amazing sights, sounds and plenty of relaxation. The whole trip was such a positive experience to add to my memories.

Now that I’m almost completely rested from jet lag and soaking all this in I will be back in the studio to get started on some new pieces. I have attained much inspiration and knowledge from this journey and I can’t wait to start expressing these things through my work.


The Art of Drew Wootten: A Solo Exhibition.

2 Jun



Hello friends, family and loved ones. I’m proud to announce my first solo art exhibition! This event is to be held at Art Spec Gallery located at 590 W. 2nd Street, Suite 2 Pomona, CA 91766. As many of you know I have been creating art for the past 20 years and have put forth all of my passion in doing so. This is an event that has been a long time coming and is only the first of several goals I have set to express a unique vision through my abstract/expessionist style. Come enjoy an evening of fine art, good conversation and positivity.

I’d love to see you there. Do it! If you make it or are unable to make it you should come see some paintings I’ve done strictly for The Sea Shepard’s Sea No Evil Art Show. I will be showing along side some really great artists like Jeff Soto, Sheperd Fairey, Deph and many more.

More info on Sea No Evil Art Show…


Thank you all for the amazing support and positive vibes you have shown me.


Drew Wootten



23 May

Sea No Evil Flyer

I’m so excited to be a part of this years Sea Shepard Art Show-Sea No Evil! This is such a great event for such a worthy cause featuring many great artists from around the world. Please come out and show your support for all of us participating, and above all our beautiful planet. I’m working up some new pieces just for this event that I will be donating to be auctioned off to help the preservation of our oceans. Thanks for all the support and I’ll see you there!

New Paint On Its Way.

22 Apr

Got some good news the other day about an upcoming event that I’m very excited about. Details to come soon. In preparation for this I decided to start thinking BIG! Or bigger I should say. I placed an order for some very nice paint, Ironlak, which should arrive next week. Yay! Now I need to obtain some large canvas to paint on and find some time to get things started. My idea for these pieces will be an extension of my combined talents in addition to being special for this event alone.

Work in Progress.

29 Mar

This is a new work in progress. I have big plans for this one. My idea is to get very detailed with it so it will jump out at you and maybe even crawl into your soul! Will he feel at home or will he run away screaming? It’s for you to decide. Enjoy!

New work on it’s way!

29 Mar

I’m so glad to have been getting such a good response and positive feed back from everyone. The work I have featured so far are but a few selected favorites amongst my family and friends, new and old. The past few days I’ve been doing some photography of recent work that I will be posting this week. I hope you all will enjoy them just as much. I will also be posting tidbits of work in progress. Stay tuned.


It’s Alive!!!

14 Mar

Hello world! This is my first post on my new Website! It has been in the works for a few months, and I’m proud to say it’s finally here. I will be maintaining it as much as possible and posting new works and photos as they are in the creation process, as well as the finished product. So far I’ve featured a few selected pieces to get things started.

Stay tuned for more! Thanks for checking out my site. Feel free to leave comments.

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